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Luis he is not a sponsor here so he needs his own site to let people post to get the VPS, but no here.The SolusVM e-mail did not properly send out for the free special, but that issue has now been resolved.

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Please make a support ticket so we can remove the fraud status.In fact the whole IP range that test IP is on is blacklisted by Spamhaus.

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The SWIP on the IP shows it is swipped to Hudson Valley Host which is owned by Velocity Servers Inc (ColoCrossing) which is also the owwner of LowEndTalk.But the support ticket tell me nothing about why the bandwidth usage is so high and just request me to purchase more bandwidth.

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If this sounds interesting you should read more, unless free.Short ToS: no mass mailing servers, high-cpu scripts, spamming, hacking, DDoS-ing, or anything illegal in the United States.You HAVE to register using a referral link (mine or others) otherwise.

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