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Volume is the ultimate measure of liquidity in stocks trading but an additional measure called Open Interest is introduced in stock options.Using Volume and Open Interest When Trading Futures Markets.Note that for the circled strikes (and most of the others as well) the open interest stats are much higher than the Vol stats.

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This led to the common misunderstanding that open interest is the sole determinant of liquidity in options trading.Traders often rush in to positions without any regard to volume or open interest.Background: By themselves, volume and open interest data may not be that valuable aside from indicating the liquidity of a market.Options Trading Volume And Open Interest - Learn how these two statistics can give you an edge in trading options - volume, both entries and exits cause volume to increase but in the case of.Open interest is typically shown along with the current price (bid, ask and last) and volume when viewing an option or futures quote (see attached chart).

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Volume measures the number of contracts that exchanged hands during the trading session.

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Volume and open interest are two technical metrics that help validate price moves in futures markets.

Open InterestThe number of options or futures contracts that are still unliquidated at the end of a trading day.It is defined as is the number of contracts outstanding at the end of a day.Volume and Open Interest Indicator Type: Non-Indicator Introduction: Volume is a measurement of the number of contracts traded in a day.

Open Interest is a helpful tool in analyzing the strength of a price move.All contents and information presented here in are property of and are not to be.

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It is a common misperception that the open interest is the summation of the number of long positions and short positions.

There is a common misunderstanding that liquidity is represented solely by open interest in options trading.Open interest measures the total number of options contracts that exist for a particular stock.But there are a number of useful statistics besides price movements that tell.

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What liquidity of stock options contracts mean is how readily they can be.

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Open Interest Analyst (OIA) is the only tool available that provides a daily report on the interaction of price, volume and open interest for commodities EXplorer will open here if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

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However, in many cases, we can get a better idea of its significance by tracking it over time, in terms.Display intraday option volume for a set of five option strikes. open interest, and volume as a percentage of open interest.Generally, the higher the volume of a stock options contract, the higher its liquidity.

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The volume and open interest of each stock options contract provide an indication on their liquidity, making it important to completely understand.

Volume and open interest statistics are not available on the spot market, as there is no centralized clearinghouse or exchange to collect the data.Volume and Open Interest enables every options traders to determine the liquidity of any options contract before commiting to it.This suggests that at the money options are generally more liquid than in the money or out of the.Futures volume and open interest are significant factors to monitor when trading futures, for several reasons.

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Stock options contracts that are highly liquid, or heavily traded, can be instantly bought or sold at the prevailing market.Stock options contracts that have low liquidity gets filled very slowly as it is difficult to find a buyer or a seller in the marketplace.

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